Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I want...

I want to be able to wake up each morning to a tidy house. I want to feel the sun on my face as I have a relaxing start to the day, feeling a hot shower and making a power smoothie before I leave.

I want to be busy. I want to always have something to do, but be able to stop doing it if I feel like taking a long lunch, or grabbing a glass of wine by the beach.

I want to have a purpose. I want fulfillment in my life. I want to have a happy reason to get up in the morning. I want to finish a task in 3 minutes instead of an hour because I have nothing else to do.

I want a garden. A place to plant my own vegetables and see flowers spring into life. I want to look out of my window at something I can be proud of - something I have achieved.

I want my own house. I want to be able to know down walls and install my own kitchen. I want to have more than one area to relax in instead of falling into that terrible cycle of sitting on the sofa and watching TV because there is nowhere else to sit.

I want a reason to decorate. I want to decorate other holidays as well as Christmas, and make an Easter Egg Hunt and throw a Halloween Party for anyone who wishes to join me.

I want to be healthy. I want to be able to take my time over my lunch and create a warm salad that I can lovingly tuck into. I want have the time to make elaborate meals that are good for my body.

I want to perfect healthy baking. I want to be able to learn from my mistakes and carry on until I create something perfect.

I want a social life. I want to have friends in Brighton. I want to be able to go and do things on a weekend - even if it's just going out for lunch or going to the park or beach. I want to spend sunny days out in the sun.

I want a kitchen. A proper kitchen. One with a coffee machine and an Aga. One large enough to have parties in and be able to make a huge mess without covering every single workspace in flour.

I want to not get sick whenever I eat a croissant. OR I want gluten-free, dairy-free croissants to be so scrumptious that I barely notice the difference.

I also want Grey's Anatomy to hurry the hell up and show the next episode. I mean, hello?! I need to know what happens to Callie!

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