Tuesday, 12 April 2011

days to myself

When I said goodbye to Mr P this morning, I realised that I wasn’t going to see him Sunday. 4 whole days on my own. 5 whole evenings. Unfortunately, I assume that I shall be spending these 5 whole evenings cleaning, eating, and curling up on the sofa enjoying CSI as I am usually forbidden from watching it when in his company.

It also means I get to make teeny tiny ‘girl portion’ salads and not feel bad that he’s still hungry half an hour later. I’m thinking of stocking up and the spinach, rocket and watercress and searching for some lovely warm veg recipes that I can enjoy on these summer-like evenings. And a glass of wine to accompany them, of course.

Not only did I buy some buttons on Sunday, but I also bought some pretty fabric and metal buttons to cover. I’ll put the radio on, sip on a glass of sauvignon blanc and get creating. I made some last night and it took a couple of goes to get it right, but now I think I’ve got the hang of it. Now for getting even more material.

Hopefully once I’ve been making these for a while the creative juices will start flowing and I can really get involved in something. Ideally start thinking of more and more things I can do – and I’d love to eventually get a badge maker and then I could make all sorts of ones from amazing paper. But for now I’m going to start of simple and not get ahead of myself...

...she says whilst also looking at quite expensive badge making machines...

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  1. I have just read your blog with a smile on my face. you sound exactly like a couple of people I know, namely my friend and I! :)